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Welcome to Infinity Legal, a wealth of experience in all matters relating to Family Law. Established in 2013, Julia has shaped an award-winning reputation in providing unmatched legal advice and representation in Canberra, and surrounding regions.

At Infinity Legal, we understand the emotional challenges that often accompany family legal matters, and that’s precisely why we’re here – to be your allies and legal force amidst the intricate complexities of your family matter. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve resolved countless matters, equipping us with the knowledge and prowess to expertly navigate every family matter, no matter the complexity.

If you need advice or representation in your matter, contact us today. Let us empower your journey towards resolution.

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At Infinity Legal, our team of experts are ready to help you understand your rights and obligations in family law. We take pride in bringing together a dynamic group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience. This diversity within our team ensures that you benefit from a wide field of expertise and knowledge across all aspects of family law. 

Trust us to navigate the path ahead and achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your loved ones.

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“ Infinity Legal helped us through some very challenging times, with sound advice and a splash of humour"


“I highly recommend Julia from Infinity legal. If you need legal help she is professional and you can feel confident in getting the best outcome”

Alley M

“I am so grateful for Julia and her team for their support throughout my matter. Julia was a force in the Court room and was a continued support throughout a very difficult time. Thank you”